Wallpapers play significant roles in making our walls exquisite and impressive to look at, especially when we have guests and visitors in our humble abode. It will help in making our place attractive and at the same time relaxing and calming. Aside from that, it will also help in protecting our walls from dangerous chemicals that might damage our walls as a whole.  

Have you imagined your walls being decorated with wallpapers? Have you imagined how beautiful it is? Well, if you plan on installing your walls with wallpapers, hiring our company Independence house painters is the best thing to do. We have experts and professionals in this field of work that do not only give excellent services in terms of painting your house but also in installing wallpapers. Aside from that, we have different services that will cater your needs and will make your life easy and stress-free! 


Wall paper installation is striking in the market at this moment because of its stunning look. It adds color and decorations to the interior design of our homes. Aside from that, there are things that we need to know about wallpaper installation that makes in-demand today. These include the following: 

Wallpaper has different types and each type has corresponding process of installation. We have silk wallpapers and non-woven wallpapers. Silk wallpapers have fine textures that can give elegant and amazing appearance in the interior part of our homes. It can also add comfort, calm, and warmth feelings in the space. However, because of its fabric, the installation of the silk wallpaper is not easy. Hiring professionals and experts on this field of job is advisable to make the installation excellent and exemplary. 

Let us now talk about the non-woven wallpapers. If you are looking for the user-friendly wallpapers, non-woven wallpaper is what you are looking for. You will not face difficulties in installing this type of wallpaper. You can also reuse this type of wallpaper.  

There are materials that you need for wallpaper installation. These include the following: Seam roller, soft cloth, measuring tape, paper cutter, scissors, paint roller, Stanley blades, large steel ruler, paint brush, pencil, plumb line, safe stepladder and wall covering smoother. Well, you do not need to worry about the materials that will be needed for wallpaper installation since when you hire our company everything is well-prepared, from the materials up to the skills that will be used in installation. 

In wallpaper installation, we need to prepare your walls by cleaning it using sugar soaps. We can eventually rinse it off using warm water. If your walls have problems, you do not need to worry since we will fix it for you! 

Choosing and preparing the wallpaper glue is a must. There are corresponding mixtures to the different types of wallpaper. Aside from that, our company will be the one to help you in choosing the best glue for your wallpapers to make everything stress-free for you.  

Leveling, measuring, and cutting the wallpapers is the one of the most difficult things in installing your wallpapers. But, with the help of our company, everything is easy! 

In addition, if you want to just sit back and enjoy the wallpapers in your walls, hiring our company is the best thing to do. You just need to sit in your favorite couch and let our experts and professionals do the job. You can visit our website for more details!